Selected Publications          
2023        Issue No. 15, Where the Leaves Fall
2023        The Beginning is the End and the End is the Beginning, SX 71: 7.2023, Small Axe 
2023        The Funambulist 47 Forest Struggles
2023        The Routledge Companion to Photography, Representation and Social Justice edited by Moritz Neumuller
2023        Esferas 14, Cross Currents, NYU Department of Spanish & Portuguese
2021         Cover photo for American Chordata
2021         ARCHIVES №1 Nadia Huggins, Au Courant
2020        Forgotten Lands Volume 3: In Defense of Paradise
2020        Black Futures, By Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham
2020        Submerged Bodies The Tidalectics of Representability and the Sea in Caribbean Art,  Liquid Ecologies in Latin American & Caribbean Art
2019        A to Z of Caribbean Art
2019        Caribbean Quarterly, Volume 65, Issue 1
2017        Cover photo for So many Islands
2017        SX52, visual portfolio, Small Axe
2016        Cover photo for Journal of West Indian Literature, Vol. 24 No 2, November
2015        SX47, Caribbean Queer Visualities, Portfolio II, Small Axe
2015        Cover photo for Washington Square review, issue 36
2015        Cover photo for Territories of the Soul: Queered Belonging in the Black Diaspora by Nadia Ellis
2014        See me here: A Survey of Contemporary Self-Portraits from the Caribbean
2012        Pictures from Paradise: A Survey of Contemporary Caribbean Photography
2012        Majesty Magazine

Online features
2022          La Mer Sea of Possibility, Vogue
2022         Where is the Caribbean Body? Gatopardo
2022         The Whole Earth Breathes, National Geographic
2022         Diotima Pre-Fall 2022 Collection, Vogue
2022         Featured Photographer, Foto Feminas
2021         Nadia Huggins on Freedom, the Ocean, and Re-presenting the Caribbean, Photoworks
2021          In Conversation with Nadia Huggins, Going Below the Surface, C& América Latina
2021         Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Moko Magazine
2021         Adobe Creative Cloud, Riding colour trend waves
2020        Vogue
2020        The Independent Photographer
2019        Aesthetica Magazine
2019        Its nice that
2019        Creative Review
2019        Greenwich Peninsula
2019        Client Magazine
2018        Nominee for the Royal Photographic Society Hundred Heroines campaign
2018        Women Photograph
2016        The Creators Project
2016        Moko Magazine, Issue 8
2016        Featured artist on the House of Marley blog
2015        The Creators Project
2014        Featured artist on Wondereur
2014        We and the color
2014        Guest Instagrammer for Feature Shoot
2014        Positive Magazine feature
2013        The Culture Trip
2013        ArtCronica issue 3
2013        iPhone Photography Awards
2012        Fubiz
2012        Empty Kingdom
2011        Words Without Borders
2011        Positive Magazine
2010       Collaborations feature - Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 78

2024      Ecological Memory: Archiving Offshore : a live editorial, re:arc institute, Friday Late, Victoria & Albert Museum 
2023       Coral & Ash, SX Blog
2023      台北當代藝術館 MoCA on Air
2023       On the Brink: Nadia Huggins’ “Coral & Ash” Exhibition, Digital Junkanoo
2022       Inspicio Arts interview
2022       Le Centre d’art Archipelago causeries artist talk with Pascale Monnin
2022       Atlantic World Art Fair 2022: Women and Photography in the Caribbean
2022       Photography+ Environment #14, Nisha Eswaran in Conversation with Nadia Huggins
2021       Biotic Resistance - Eco-Caribbean Visions in Art and Exhibition Practice
2021       The Responsibility of Designing Resilience - Giselle Carr, Nadia Huggins, Yutaka Takiura
2021       Transformation through eruption, Global Voices (part 1)
                   We have to find something in ourselves, Global Voices (part2)
2021         Catching her Ash, as told by BC Pires, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday
2021        Ecofeminisms, The Feminist Art Project, Rutger’s University
2020        Landscaping with Nadia Huggins and Richard Fung 
        The Blue Mind podcast. Episode 1: Blue Mind, Green Mind. Buddy Peace, Haeckels
        On an Island artist talk, Spiva art gallery, Missouri State Southern University
2020        Huggins Collective Curatorial Statement, Other Futures 2018, Princeton University
2019        NOW Gallery Podcast
2017        TEDxportofspain speaker
2017        The Competing Politics of the Jamaica Biennial, Hyperallergic
2017        Q&A, WOW magazine
2016        Breakfast Culture Club feature
2016        Her Father's Ghost by Andre Bagoo, Trinidad and Tobago Newsday
2016        Interview with Voluble, a new channel of Los Angeles Review of Books
2016        Nadia Huggins: A Brief Interview with Repeating Islands
2015        “After the Leap,” (introduction to a portfolio of images written by Melanie Archer) Caribbean Beat, Issue 134
2014        Designer Island: Interview
2013        DC5Q: A brief convo with Nadia Huggins
2010        Book cover photography for Hugh Howey’s Halfway Home